Do Albino Leopard Geckos Need Light?

Leopard Gecko is one of the species of lizards which requires low watt light for balancing of their lifecycle. A night heat lamp is the best light for a leopard gecko, which will provide low light to them in the night. They require light 24/7 because, without this, they cannot survive for long. 14 hours of light is mandatory in summer as gecko can survive 10 hrs without light.

Likewise, it is the same in winters, but with one difference that there should be an equal balance of light and darkness. This is the importance of lights in the lives of gecko. It is common that a person who lives hectic life cannot take proper care of leopard gecko. If you are one of them, then you can use automatic timers on the lights, which will be very helpful in providing lights automatically. You can set on and off command for your lights, which will make the lights turn on and off without even letting you know about it. There should be a balance of light neither more nor less light should be thrown on your leopard gecko. Your gecko should feel dusk and dawn for better growth.

There are lots of ultraviolet lights available for the gecko, which you should avoid. As we know, it is not a healthy light which can harm the body of your gecko. There can be a mutation in them, which is why you should only throw artificial lights on them.

What are the reasons behind not providing ultraviolet lights to gecko?

Do Albino Leopard Geckos Need Light?

There are so many body parts of the gecko which can be affected by Ultra violet lights. It can cost them their life hence here are some reasons for you-

Eyes- The eyes of gecko are so mesmerizing, but also, on the other hand, they are so sensitive. The ultra rays can make them blind as your gecko won’t be able to see.

Skin- It is the same for the skin, which is very sensitive and can be burnt down by coming in contact with ultra violet rays.

These are some of the essential reasons you should know about it. If you want your gecko to be healthy and fine, then you should use very dim lights, which will be very helpful in terms of their skin and eyes. Do not create trouble for your leopard as they are tiny and sensitive.

Take care of your gecko’s tank for their longer age

Leopard always lives in a tank, which means it is a home for them. You should maintain it so that your gecko should feel healthy and happy both at the same time. Gecko does not like to climb much, so instead of focusing on the height, you should focus on the length. It should be long enough so that your gecko can walk freely in the tank. Have your tank covered for the safety of your gecko else, and it can run away without any clue. There are many shapes you can go for, and you should use an aquarium-like shape. It is because by this you can add different things for decoration.

Here automatic lights can be used perfectly for the betterment of your gecko’s health. You should make sure there is heat stored inside the tank by using lights so that it can live the life of comfort. No wiring should be there in the tank because it can cause shock to your gecko, which can be deadly. Keep the tank simple with no so complicated design or decoration.

How is daylight better for your gecko?

As we know that gecko sleeps most of the time, which is why we need to produce heat in the tank. Natural daylight is the best to provide heat, but you should not keep it for a longer time. There would be UV rays present in the daylight, which we know is very harmful for the health of geckos.

If you cannot provide suitable heat to your gecko, then you should use a heater specially designed for tanks. The heater can be placed beneath the tank, which is beneficial for the gecko. No wiring will be going to be installed in the tank, which is a good thing. If you cannot afford a heater, then there should be at least 2-3 lights in the tank, which will be going to save lots of money of yours. You should turn on the light when your gecko is sleeping and turn it off when he is awake.

Nighttime is the best for gecko’s care

Do Albino Leopard Geckos Need Light?

We all know that gecko cannot bear the light directly in the light. We cannot turn off lights completely in the night time, which is why there is a night bulb available, especially for the tanks. It would not be going to be harsh for the eyes of the gecko. The automatic heater is also the best option for night caring. If you do not want a single ray of lights in the eyes of gecko, then the heater is the only best option here for you. Basically, it is stated that night time is the only best time when you can take care of the health and life cycle of your gecko.

Why checking of the temperature in the tank is necessary?

As we know, excess in heat or less in the heat is not good for gecko. It cannot be checked by touching the tank, which is why you should use at least 2 thermometers on the tank. It can be placed or stuck outside the tank so that gecko should not get to touch it. If you want exact results, then you should use a digital one which will be going to provide you exact values. Thus this is the only way in which you can improve the life of your gecko and enhance his health by keeping him in a comfort zone.

In a nutshell, it is concluded that you should go for the perfect light for your gecko, which does not produce UV rays or any other harmful rays in the tank.