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Do Albino Leopard Geckos Need Light?

Leopard Gecko is one of the species of lizards which requires low watt light for balancing of their lifecycle. A night heat lamp is the best light for a leopard gecko, which will provide low light to them in the night. They require light 24/7 because, without this, they cannot survive for long. 14 hours… Read More »

What Is the Best Calming Supplement for Horses?

If you love horses then you must have come across different types of them. There can be some horses that are always calm, some that are extremely active whereas some horses are incredibly restless and hard to tame. If your horse seems to be the hyperactive one that is restless all the time even when… Read More »


Belle Wood Equestrian is a full service Equestrian centre providing an enriched learning experience within a family atmosphere that is shared by the owner, coaches, boarders and students alike. Predominantly  Hunter/Jumper establishment situated on 56 scenic acres in the quiet hamlet of Greenwood, Ontario. We offer Toronto, York and Durham regions quality indoor/outdoor boarding, lesson programs from beginner… Read More »